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Character Information
Gender Female
Race Euro-American
Species Human
Hair Auburn
Eyes Brown
Age 16
Voiced by Nicole Bouma
Cousin Delancey
My Scene Webisodes
My Scene: Jammin' in Jamaica
My Scene: Masquerade Madness
My Scene Goes Hollywood: The Movie
Chelsea is one of the My Scene characters. She was one of the original three characters alongside Barbie and Madison.


Chelsea is creative, giving, sweet and hard-working and happy to help people. She enjoys fashion designing, has an original, funky and flirty personal style, and sometimes customizes her outfits. She sells her designs at a flea market, and her prized possession is her notebook, which she sketches her designs in.

Physical AppearanceEdit

Chelsea is a slender teenager and has auburn hair and brown eyes.


Chelsea's best friends are Barbie, Madison, Nolee, Kenzie, Lindsay Lohan and Nia. Her cousin is Delancey. Chelsea is romantically linked to Hudson and hangs occasionally hangs out with him and the other guys, River, Sutton, and Ellis.

All About MeEdit

Sign: Scorpio

My look: Original and funky (perfect for flirting!)

Fave hangout: Retro clothing stores

Fave pastime: Designing fashions

Don't go anywhere without: My notebook... has everything!

What I look for in a guy: Artsy, soulful

I love living in the city! Everybody's so different here. I'm always meeting the coolest people - and cutest guys - at the flea market where I sell my designs.



  • Chelsea was named after the Chelsea neighborhood in New York City.
  • Has a Chihuahua named Churro, but she has also been seen with a dog called Mambo

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