"Dance 'til Dawn"
My Scene Goes Hollywood: The Movie
My Scene Goes Hollywood DVD
Year 2005
Length 2:14 [1]
Performer MIDIhead
Lyrics Mike Babbitt
Music Mike Babbitt
Courtesy Of Black Toast Music (BMI)
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"Dance 'til Dawn" is a song featured in My Scene Goes Hollywood: The Movie. In the movie, it is played at the Buzz Lounge.


"Dance 'til Dawn" is a mid-uptempo techno-pop house song by MIDIhead, a male singer-songwriter, music producer, DJ and sound designer[2]. However, there are female vocals. The song has bass, guitar, synthesizer and drums used as instruments[3].


Dance 'til dawn
Dance 'til dawn
Come on Mr. DJ
Play me that song
Come on Mr. DJ, DJ
Make me dance until dawn
Dance 'til dawn
Dance 'til dawn
We got to dance
Dance 'til dawn



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