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Character Information
Gender Female
Species Human
Hair Blonde
Eyes Blue
Cousin Barbie
My Scene Webisodes
Kennedy is one of the main My Scene characters. She is named after John F. Kennedy International Airport in New York City. Kennedy replaced Barbie in 2006; and she was note to be identical to Barbie. Once she replaced her, Kennedy also ended up with Barbie's dog and boyfriend River.


Kennedy is an Aquarius, meaning she was born on or between the dates of the 21st of January to the 19th of February. Barbie's friends were upset were they heard Barbie would be moving to California, so they decided to have a party. At the party, they see Barbie dancing and accidentally bumping into someone, but it turns out it was Kennedy and not Barbie. Kennedy was mistaken for Barbie because they look identical. Kennedy became friends instantly with everyone, and because she knows a rock star (Kennedy and the rock star went to school together at one point). Kennedy and her new friends go to his concert, which Barbie was sad to miss, but they told her all about it because they never wanted to stop being friends with Barbie.

After Barbie moved to California, Kennedy came to New York and now lives in Gramercy Park with her parents. She has a pet dog named Yorkie a Yorkshire Terrier. Kennedy takes Yorkie for walks at a park, and she drives a convertible. Kennedy is friends with Madison, Chelsea, Nia and Delancey, and her boyfriend is River. River told Kennedy he was very impressed with her acting and thought she would be a professional actress one day, which Kennedy agreed with.

Physical Appearance Edit

Kennedy is a very slender teenage girl with light, tanned skin. She has long,wavy blonde hair and blue eyes. Kennedy likes to take risks with her fashion style, which she describes as "girly glam" and "bold, beautiful and totally outrageous". Her favorite places to shop are boutiques that are local to her. She looks like she could be Barbie's twin, because they are completely identical in appearance.


Kennedy takes acting classes. During one of her classes, all of Kennedy's friends came to watch. Her motto is, "I'm a celebrity in training".

Kennedy is interested in planning parties and activities for her friends, much like Barbie. She doesn't go anywhere without her friends because she enjoys spending time with them and getting them gifts. She is a loyal friend, and her friends consider her to be helpful, friendly and fun.

Kennedy enjoys keeping up to date with fashion and entertainment news. She enjoys hanging out at cafés. Kennedy likes to drink smoothies and favors Paris, London and Japan as vacation spots. She says she can't go anywhere without her cell phone.