Madison's journal is a record of events Madison wrote about from March 11, 2002 until June 28, 2006. Madison kept her journal with her everywhere she went, and its contents was published on the official My Scene website on Madison's profile.

November 2002Edit

Smile and Say "Style"
Wow, I can't believe how many people showed up for that Women's Cancer Walk. Very cool. Jumping in a cab now to meet Dad and take him shopping. He's so cute. He tries to be hip, but he's clueless about fashion. Good thing he has a stylin' daughter to help him out.

Girls Night IN!
Mellow night. The girls are coming over for junk food, reality TV, and I bought this "Manicure Party in a Box." I'm sure we'll make a mess and have to go to the nail salon for an emergency "fix up" tomorrow. But who cares? It will be fun. What isn't fun with the girls???

So Excited I Could Scream
Scored BIG TIME at a sample sale downtown. Get this - the ultimate pair of low-rise jeans, a one-of-a-kind blue leather bag, and two to-die-for baby Ts!

Cool Scene
Went to see Robbie's band last night. Barbie looked too hot in her new red lipstick (so in right now). Robbie was staring at her from the stage and saw her chatting up this other guy!!! It was classic! I hope New Guy calls her. R is way too into himself. She deserves better.

Spotted a top in a store window today that was sooo me. Went in to try it on and bummer of all bummers, they didn't have my size. Don't you just hate that? Whatever.

Gobble, Gobble...
Sooo stuffed... Had two huge dinners - one with Mom and Dad, then a potluck with my buds. Shouldn't have overdone it, but who can resist when there's so much amazing food? And so many amazing people to spend the holiday with. Yep, very thankful here.

Till You Drop!
Friday was the biggest shopping day of the year. It's like my fave day ever! Not shopping for myself this time (can ya believe it?) but picking up holiday gifts for the gals. Scored with the hippest sweater for Barbie. She's gonna flip over it.

December 2002Edit

What's Better Than Shopping?
OK, I've decided I need a hobby (other than shopping). So after buying the hottest pair of shoes (I didn't say I was giving up shopping), I signed up for a some classes at this cool pottery place. Let's just say, my hands are much better at going through clothing racks than they are at molding clay.

A Nutty Day
I bumped into this girl from my new pottery class when I was grabbing some honey-roasted cashews (my fave) at a hot nut stand. She started going on about this hottie she wants to introduce me to. Kinda weird because she barely knows me but kinda cool and flattering. She's really nice. Big hair. But really nice.

Great Way to Warm Up
Just went through my closet and I could not believe how many winter coats I have! Way more than I need (besides I have to make room for new ones). I'm going to donate them to that Homeless Shelter Coat Drive the city has every year. Gotta call Barbie and Chels and remind them about it. 'Tis the season for giving!

Pizza to Go
Met pottery girl and a bunch of her friends and the pizza place. The guy she wanted me to meet was adorable. But listen to this: I was telling him a funny story, and you know how I always use my hands when I talk? Well, I accidentally knocked a big soda right into his lap! What a mess. Next time I tell a story I am going to sit on my hands!

Girl Talk
Met the girls at Union Square Park at out usual place - under the statue of George Washington. Just hung out and gossiped for hours. I filled them in on the pizza place incident. They fell over laughing. I guess it is kinda funny... now.

I'm getting pretty good at this pottery thing. Made a really cool sushi platter and a matching soy sauce bowl for Chelsea. She's going to love love love it! She always says "homemade" holiday gifts mean the most to her.

Did Someone Say Party?
So the girls and I decided we're going to throw a holiday party. I mean really, who knows parties better than we do? Barbie found a great loft downtown that should be big enough to fit all of our fabulous friends. I'm psyched!

Mad Rush
Did some last minute holiday shopping today. I love that the stores are all decorated and there's holiday music playing and everyone just seems so happy to be shopping (kinda like I am all the time).

Mad and Dad
Spent the day with dad. Went to see the tree at the Rockefeller Center and then ice-skating. It's our holiday tradition. I wore the silly pom pom hat he got me a few years ago. I look like a total dork but it makes him happy. So for a few hours I can be a dork. No biggie.

I'm not sure what word gets me more excited - Boots or Sale? Somehow I found both today and I swear I was in boot heaven for hours.

Bookin' Around
Finally bought that book that pottery girl (Stacey) has been telling me I just had to read. And OK, I admit it. I also picked up a copy of "How to Find a Great Boyfriend in 30 Days." Not that I need help or anything. Just curious what the "experts" have to say...

2003 for me
My New Year's Resolutions:
No more boots (OK, well maybe one more pair if they are on sale).
Spend more time with Dad.
Make something really cool in pottery class.