This is a subpage listing the credits for this movie.

  • Directed by: Eric Fogel
  • Written by: Elise Allen
  • Producer: Kallan Kagan
  • Supervising Producer: Nancy Bennett
  • Production Manager: Kate Treacy
  • Associate Producer: Tiffany J. Shuttleworth
  • Production Assistants: Amy Fahl, Jennifer Moore and Erin Finnegan
  • Executive Producers for Curious Pictures: David Starr, Susan Holden, Steve Oakes and Richard Winkler
  • Cast:
  • Voice Production & Casting: Voice Box Productions, Inc.
  • Voice Direction: Terry Klassen
  • Background Artists: Veronica Jones, Jamie Vickers, Margaret Wuller, Etsu Kahata and Kirk Albert Etienne
  • Storyboard & X-Sheet Supervisor: Gloria De Ponte
  • Storyboard Artists: William K. Moore, Ryan Sias, Adolpho Smith, Jonathan Royce and David Zung
  • Lead Character Designer: Patricia Redding Scanlon
  • Character Designers: Michael A. Baez, Adolfo Smith and Maria Vidny
  • Lead Color Designer: Etsu Kahata
  • Color Designer: Jamie Vickers
  • Editor: Anthony Orkin
  • Assistant Editor: Eric Lin
  • Sheet Timers: William E. Houchins, Karl Fischer, Burt Medall, Kevin Lofton and Yvette Kaplan
  • Track Reading: Jim Harrison and Sound Transfer
  • Technical Support: Rich Shurtliff, Miguel Rios, Jerry F. Velarde and Bryan Shelton
  • CG Dept. Coordinator: Jen Glasbus
  • Technical Director: Kyle McCulloch
  • Lead Compositors: Scott Pallo, Molly Schwartz, Connie Conrad and Sean Miller
  • Compositors: Szymoun Weglarski, Veronica Jones and Marcelo Cermak
  • Lead 3D Designer: Szymon Weglarski
  • 3D Designer: J. Adam Burke
  • Audio Post Production: Sync Sound ®, Inc., John Bowen, Neil Cedar, Christina Faist and Jay Fischer
  • Music Consultant: Ian Sohn
  • Music by: Daniel LeBlanc
  • Additional Music by: Chris Hajian
  • "Live"
    • Written by: Jennifer Marks and Michael Ochs
    • Performed by: Jennifer Marks
    • Courtesy of: Bardic Records
  • Overseas Animation Studio: Akom Productions and Nelson Shin, Director
  • Creative Consultants: Jean Gomez, Debbie Haag, Larry Clayton, Kim Dyer, Izzy Garr, Lily Martinez, Christian Richie, Andrea Brammeier, Laurie Sanders-Tellez, Paul King, Liuba Belansky, Lynda Hwang, Kiyomi Haverly, Kenna O'Leary, Cynthia Alvarez
  • Executive Producer: Rob Hudnut

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