My Scene is a web series that ran from 2002 until 2008 on The theme song of the series is "It's My Scene".

Main CharactersEdit

List of WebisodesEdit


In published order (according to timeline):

  1. Lost or Found?
  2. Next Stop
  3. Does She Buy It?
  4. Game On
  5. Rumor Has It
  6. Night on the Town
  7. Chillin' Out*
  8. Hanging Out
  9. My Scene: Jammin' in Jamaica
  10. Sk8er Girl*
  11. Shopping Spree
  12. Greatest Gifts
  13. Gettin' Ready (Pretty Kitty & It's a Date)*
  14. Out And About*
  15. Costume Dress Up
  16. My Scene: Masquerade Madness
  17. Club Birthday
  18. Shhh...It's a Secret!*
  19. Miami Getaway*
  20. Mall Maniacs
  21. 'Tis the Season
  22. Day & Nite

*Episodes that were featured in B Cinemas on


These episodes didn't feature Barbie and Nolee was discontinued from the line.

  1. Fab Faces (This is Kennedy's first appearance, and it was done in the old animation style)
  2. DJ Nia (This is when they changed the drawing)
  3. Salsa Beat
  4. In Uniform
  5. Egyptian Nights
  6. Act 1
  7. Act 2
  8. Act 3
  9. Act 4
  10. Act 5

Spanish Episodes Edit

Episodes that were only featured in spanish, in published order.

  1. Viaje a Paris
  2. Nueva York Sin Amigas
  3. Desfile de Modas
  4. El Reto
  5. Viaje a Londres
  6. Chat, Mentiras y Encuentros
  7. Barbie Pierde a Yorkie
  8. ¡Feliz Cumpleaños Madison!
  9. Las Cartas del Tarot
  10. El Casting
  11. Picnic
  12. Fiesta de Disfraces
  13. Amor y Amistad

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