(Scene: Barbie, Madison, Chelsea, Nolee, and Delancey are walking towards the Dish)

(Scene: The girls walk into the Dish, which is crowded with a lot of people)

Barbie: Wow!

Boy (on the phone, talking to a boy): Dude, that was my agent. (hangs up) I booked the part. I'm weiner boy!

Girl 1 (talking to two girls): And I'm all "Hello, how real is it that I actually talk to my zits?"

Girl 2 (talking to the cashier): And a double-shot, icedhalf, cafe nonfat, soy mocha latte.

Barbie (loudly): Think we can find the guys?

Chelsea (loudly): What?!

Nolee (loudly): She said I think I want fish eyes!

Chelsea (loudly): What? Why?

Barbie (loudly): What?

Delancey (loudly): You want to wear a diguise?

Madison (loudly): What?

(Scene: The girls walk inside the school)

Barbie: It's Lindsay Lohan!

Madison: I know. I can't believe it.

Barbie: Slumber party! One of us will wake up when the alarm goes off and she will get the rest of us up. We'll make it. We have to. We're in a movie! (Girls cheer and scream in excitement)

(Scene: Madison's Pad)

Chelsea (placed an alarm clock with a lot of other clocks): That's 20 alarm clocks, all set to go off between 5 and 5:15 am.

Barbie (on the computer): Perfect.

Madison (painting her toes): Think that'll be enough?

Delancey: Tell me you're kidding?

Nolee: We don't need any alarms. If we stay in tune with our bodies, our eternal clocks will get us up all by themselves.

Madison: My eternal clock is tired. It likes to sleep in.

Chelsea: I wondered if we can get a rooster.

(Madison, Nolee, and Delancey laughs)

Barbie: I found it! (reading) Spy Society, starring Lindsay Lohan, now in production. (looking at two Spy Society pictures on the screen) Laurel St. Clair, played by Lindsay Lohan, is a high school spy who uses her superior intellect, and physical skill, to help thwart a ring of international art thieves. Newcomer Ryan Ridley plays Lohan's love interest.

Delancey: Ryan Ridley? Am I the only one who noticed how cute he is?

Madison: Are you kidding? He's adorable.

Chelsea: Really? I couldn't say. I was too busy moping up sweat to notice.

Delancey (scoffs): You must get over yourself.

Nolee: You only got sweatgirl because you were the last extra place, right? So, tomorrow, just make sure Audra sees you first.

Barbie: You guys, this is so cool. There's a link to all these Lindsay Lohan interviews. She seems totally normal, exactly the kinda girl we hang out with.

Chelsea: Do you think she is though or is that just her image?

Madison: Well, we'll find out, right? We're working with her now.

Nolee: And I read that a lot of actors meet their best friends on the set.

Delancey: Right. Like Lindsay Lohan doesn't already have a ton of friends.

Nolee: Best friends, though. Friends who aren't all Hollywood and snobby.

(Scene: Movie set)

(Scene: Wardrobe trailer)






(Scene: Lunch Tent)

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