(Opening Scene: Madison's Pad)

Delancey: (sliding down the railing): Whoo-hoo! Yeah! This place is too cool! Madison's dad has to let us have Chelsea's surprise party next week. (sat down)

Barbie: Nolee's working on it.

(Nolee, sitting pretzel style, meditates)

Delancey: She is?

Nolee: Shh. I'm concentrating on sending positive energy to Madison's dad, so he'll say...

Madison: Yes! My dad said we can have Chelsea's surprise party here at the loft!

Delancey: Whoo-hoo!

Nolee: Yes!

Barbie: Alright!

Delancey: That's awesome! (Madison's dog, Bella, barks)

Barbie (picks up her cellphone): I'll call River, and have him spread the word to the guys. (gets up and rest Bella on the couch)

Nolee: You don't think Chelsea will guess, do you?

Madison: That we're throwing her a 16th birthday party two whole weeks before her actual birthday? No way, not unless someone spills. (turns to Delancey while Nolee folds her arms as she and Barbie also looks at Delancey)

Delancey: Yeah, um, speaking a fact,...

Madison: Delancey!

Delancey: I wouldn't do it on purpose. I just always say what I'm thinking which means I'm the worst at keeping secrets. It's a little tragedy.

Barbie (hangs up her phone): It's set. The guys are in.

Nolee: You told them it's a masquerade party, right?

Barbie: Yeah. I said we all wear the costumes Chelsea's making us for the fashion show fundraiser, since we're doing the party right after.

Delancey: Can we just decuss how lucky we are that we all got the animal shelter for our school community service project?

Madison: Seriously. And that our pets get to model with us? (Bella barks as she puts her down and stands up) Check it out, we've been practicing. Model strut. (does a model walk and Bella crouch down and follows as Barbie and Delancey laugh) I, uh, I guess we still need a little work on that one. (picks up Bella as Barbie's cellphone rings)

Barbie (picks up her phone): You guys, it's Chelsea. I bet she's already at the Dish. We better go before she suspects anything.

Madison: Come on.

Delancey (gets up): Right.

Nolee (gets up): Let's do it. (the girls leave)

(Scene: At the Dish)

Sutton: Hey, don't look now, but there's a bloke in the corner who can't stop checking you out. (Chelsea, sketching, looks at the corner)

Chelsea: Really? (Sees Brett, the fashion show stage manager, looking at her, then looking back at the newspaper) That's Brett. He's working with us on the fashion show. He's the stage manager. Are you sure he was looking at me?

Sutton: Positive. (Gets up to leave) Like a famous Brit once said, "I cannot tell a lie."

Chelsea: Wasn't that George Washington?

(The girls arrive)

Barbie: Chelsea, hey!

Chelsea (looks up): Hi. Where were you, guys? I thought you forgot about me. (Madison, Nolee and Delancey sat down)





(Scene: Hotel)

(Scene: )

(Scene: Chelsea's Room)

(Scene: Madison's Pad)

(Song Calling All Girlfriends plays as the girls shop)

(Scene: Dressing Room)

Barbie: Okay, Chels. Time to spill.

Chelsea: About what?

Madison: Hello? You and Hudson?

Nolee: We want to know everything.

Barbie (trying on a coat in her dressing room): Start from the beginning. When did he finally ask you out? (takes it off and passes it to Chelsea in her dressing room) Try it. I love it, but it doesn't work on me.

Chelsea (takes it and trys it on): "Finally?" What do you mean?

Madison (pops up from her dressing room): Please, Hudson has been crushing out on you for, like, ever. Oh, nice jacket.

Chelsea (takes it off and passes it to Madison): Try it. You really think he's been crushing out on me?

Madison (trying it on): As if you didn't know, you guys are massively M.F.E.O.: made for each other. (takes it off) Oh, I don't know. Hey, Nolee, try this on. (passes it to Nolee in her dressing room)

Nolee (takes it): I just understand why you couldn't tell us.

Chelsea (trying on an outfit): Um, I don't know. I...

Madison (trying on another jacket): Did you think it'll be weird since we're all friends?

Chelsea: Yeah, totally. I thought it will be weird since we're all friends.

Barbie (straightening her shirt): Really? But River and I are going out and that's not weird. Right?

Chelsea: No, not at all. But, um...

Delancey (comes out of her dressing room, wearing an outfit): You guys, I'm gonna go hit the rack. Anyone need anything?

Chelsea (comes out): Yeah, can you grab this for me in the next size up? (Hands Delancey a shirt and she left, without a word) Hm?

Nolee (comes out, wearing a rockstar outfit): Okay, guys. What do you think? (Barbie comes out, wearing an outfit)

Barbie: I love it!

Madison (comes out, wearing a dress): You look awesome!

Chelsea: You guys, is Delancey mad at me?

Madison: What do you mean?

Chelsea: It's just she's seriously hasn't said one word to me all day, and I don't know why. (Scene: At the Dish)

Delancey: My secret crush on Hudson?

Nolee: Well, how else was I gonna explain why you weren't talking to Chelsea?

Delancey: I don't know. I have laryngitis, I'm studying to be a mime, anything. (Barbie giggle as Hudson came by)

Hudson: Hey, how you doing? (Delancey hids her face)

Delancey: Let me guess: you spoke to Chelsea.

Hudson: Maybe.

Delancey: I don't have a secret crush on you. I'm not talking to Chelsea because I'm afraid I'll spill about the party.

Hudson: Oh.

Barbie: Like it really matters to you. You have a girlfriend.

Hudson: I do?

Madison: Hello, Chelsea?

(Scene: Madison's Pad)

(Scene: Chelsea's Room)

Chelsea: I just don't get it. It just not makes sense to me.

Hudson: Try it again.

(Song Live by Jennifer Marks plays as Nolee helps Chelsea study while the others continues decorating for Chelsea's party)

(Scene: Chelsea's Room)

(Scene: Fashion show)

(Scene: Madison's Pad)