My Scene is an American series of fashion dolls created by Mattel in 2002, the same company who makes Barbie dolls. The My Scene dolls are a blend of Barbie dolls as well as Bratz dolls so they can appeal to people who buy both dolls (The My Scene dolls have the Barbie doll's height and feet, but the Bratz-like shoes, large heads, slim but curvy bodies, heavy makeup, and the large lips and eyes). Music is played in all films and has originated written by artists.

My Scene: Jammin' in JamaicaEdit

My Scene Jammin' In Jamaica DVD Movie
are four songs in the Jammin' in Jamaica movie. Urban Desire cover two songs: "Spontaneous Combustion" by The Fuzz, and "Going Down In Flames" by Hidell. Both songs were censored at times to make them more child appropriate for the film. There are also two songs by Leslie Mills in the film, which are "Radiowave" and "Making My Way".

1. Spontaneous Combustion

2. Making My Way

3. Radiowave

4. Going Down In Flames

My Scene: Masquerade MadnessEdit

My Scene Masquerade Madness Movie
are only two songs in Masquerade Madness Movie. The song, Live, is written and performed by Jennifer Marks and is originally from Jennifer Marks's self-titled 2004 album. The song was also featured on Marks's following album It Turned My On. The other song, Calling All Girlfriends, has no credits in the end of the movie.

1. Calling All Girlfriends

2. Live

My Scene Goes Hollywood: The MovieEdit

My Scene Goes Hollywood DVD
are six songs in the movie. The songs, Feel Like L.A., Find The Fun, Lucky and Starlight is featured on Leslie Mills 2009 album Feel Like L.A.: The Hollywood Collection with Making My Way, and Radiowave. Dance 'til Dawn, written and preformed by MIDIhead, is featured on the Best Of Black Toast Music - Vol. 1 album with Spontaneous Combustion, which was featured in My Scene: Jammin' in Jamaica. The album was released on June 21, 2011. The song, Playground, is written and preformed by Amanda Remanda.

1. Lucky

2. Feel Like L.A.

3. Dance 'til Dawn

4. Find The Fun

5. Starlight

6. Playground

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