RAY J Makes Puppet Music And The Girls Rule Band Pretends To Be Puppets Dawn Of The Dance To The Music Songs.

SHONTELLE LAYNE Get Her Knees Ready To Jump Kill Em With Kindness.

SHARING STORIES Ray J Tells Us A Story About Three Friends Dan Hawkins, Frankie Poullain And Lauri Ylonen Who Find A Magic Stone That Gives Them Amazing Things Give Don't Up.

STELLA Guesses Shapes Just Touching Them Colors.

SHARING STORIES Brandon Tells Us A Story About A Blind Slimples Mouse Layla Aisha That Reads A Braille Books To Her Mice Friends Tecna And Stella Features.

SHONTELLE LAYNE Pretends To Ride And Upside Down Bike Free.

FRANKIE POULLAIN Looks For Wheels For MRR Her Train Memory's.

SHARING STORIES Lauri Ylonen Tells Us A Story About A Snail Ray J That Looks For A Car Wash, He Visits The Slug's Dan Hawkins Bug Car Yard, But A Ladybird Frankie Poullain And A Caterpillar Justin Hawkins Buy First The Cars House He Wants Chic.

FRANKIE POULLAIN Has A Puzzle With Days Of The Week Written On And Jup Jup Nina Kelis Takes Away The Piece Of Sunday Handle With Care Does.

SHARING STORIES Frankie Poullain Tells Us A Story About A Cat Ray J That Wears A Different Belt For Each Day Of The Week, But The Sunday's One Is Missing And He Asks Dan Hawkins The Mouse About It Handle With Care Whites.

FRANKIE POULLAIN Dances Indian Music With Ankle Bells And Thumb Cymbals Jewellery.

SHONTELLE LAYNE Dances Indian Music With Bells Too India.